Insights reporting

Understand your customers as real people, beyond clicks and cookies

Your customers are real people, and you need to understand them as such if you’re going to nurture long-standing relationships. Faraday uses hundreds of offline attributes to enhance your understanding.

Customer profiling

With enhanced data, simple breakdowns of your customer base can uncover surpringly elusive insights. You may realize that your customer base shows a strong affinity for reading, then use that to coordinate enjoyable experiential marketing initiatives.

Cohort analysis

Comparing subgroups of your customer base can be one of the most revealing forms of customer insight. These comparisons often yield surprising alignments between specific product lines and population traits, enabling you to inform product development and marketing.

Journey mapping

Faraday can uncover typical “pathways” your customers take after making a purchase. A customer may buy a mattress, then a set of pillows, with some period of time elapsing between each. These insights can help you optimize post-purchase engagement tactics.

Life event alignment

FIG contains life event data, from marriage to moving. Faraday can reveal specific life events that align with certain customer behaviors along with expected time differentials, enabling you to proactively engage customers with relevant offers.