Rich personas, built from the ground up.

Consumers expect personalized experiences across channels and throughout the lifecycle. Faraday gives you the insights you need to exceed expectations.

Rich data, unbiased analysis

For true personalization, you need data that paints the entire picture of who your buyers are as real people. Faraday matches your customer records with FIG and uses unsupervised machine learning algorithms to uncover deeper, richer personas from your enhanced data.

Refined messaging and creative

AI-driven personas can tell you a lot about what your buyers care about, enabling you to use messaging, ad creative, and product photography that peak interest, invoke emotion, and drive engagement.

Omnichannel activation

Create consistent, personalized omnichannel experiences that build meaningul brand awareness and loyalty. From digital and direct mail to automated nurture and post-purchase engagement, Faraday feeds AI-driven personas wherever you need them.