Direct Currents 2019

Exploring the future of DTC growth

The inaugural Direct Currents event brought together some of the brightest minds in DTC to explore important trends shaping the future of the industry. Here’s what we uncovered…

Building a brand with a mission

Product advertising is not enough to build a long-standing brand. The best way to grow brand awareness and customer loyalty is to develop and stay true to your brand’s mission and purpose.

Maria Molland on building the THINX brand

Keynote speaker Maria Molland, CEO of THINX, discussed how the brand revolutionizing the feminine care industry by focusing on their mission of creating sustainable products and pushing for social change through advocacy, education, and access.

“If your brand stands for something, if your brand has a mission — has a perspective — that drives brand awareness.”

Watch Molland’s keynote:


Omnichannel strategy and customer insights

Thoughtful branding and customer insights should guide everything from performance marketing to in-store experiences. To do omnichannel right, you need to understand how different customers prefer to engage with your brand and shop for your products.

Growth and marketing experts from leading DTC brands shared their perspectives on what it takes to grow a brand, how to create outstanding omnichannel experiences, and where the DTC space heading. The discussion was led by Digiday’s Aditi Sangal, producer of the Making Marketing podcast.

Watch the DTC growth panel:


Some of our favorite takeaways

On showrooms and pop-up shops: “The value props that we’re pushing online aren’t necessarily the same ones that we want to push in-store. The experiences online aren’t necessarily the same ones that we want to push in-store. But they all have to agree with each other and work in this common ecosystem that we’re trying to build.” – Alex Kubo, Head of Intelligence at Burrow.

On traditional marketing channels: “[TV advertisements are] actually just a very important part of the customer journey … More people were engaging with us in some other form, but then the TV was the thing that drove the purchase.” – Nick Stafford, Co-founder of Belay, and former COO at Leesa Sleep.

On customer data and insights: “One thing that also gets glossed over sometimes in the startup world, where everyone sort of subscribes to the primacy of data, is the importance of customer insights and primary research as well.” - Mark Chou, VP International at Away.

On physical retail: “For any brand that’s thinking about getting into physical retail, there really needs to be a true purpose. You need to be dragging really great value.” – Brian Magida, Director of Performance Marketing at Warby Parker.

What’s next?

Special thanks to AWS for providing a great venue for the evening’s conversations. Be sure to check out other events at the AWS New York Loft and learn how Faraday works with AWS to make AI-driven growth easily accessible for consumer brands.