Solar Power International 2019 | Faraday events

AI-driven acquisition and engagement built for resi solar

Born in solar, Faraday has helped hundreds of companies find and convert more customers with the power of AI. We were thrilled to showcase the platform at SPI.

Innovative ways solar companies grow with Faraday AI

Omnichannel lookalike targeting

Leverage custom-built predictive models to identify and target true lookalike audiences across your online and offline channels.

Real-time lead scoring

Predict which leads are likely to become high-LTV customers and nurture them with intelligent, personalized campaigns.

Clustering for personas

Create better experiences for your leads and customers with highly-relevant content, creative, and promotions.

Geo and market intelligence

Find ideal locations for brick-and-mortar expansion and identify hotspots for canvassing, SEM, and other location-based campaigns.

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