AI-driven lead conversion

Convert more leads to high-LTV customers with real-time scoring and persona clustering.

Don’t waste your resources on bad leads. Faraday can predict which leads are most likely to become your next best customers and identify the right personas to help you drive conversions on any channel.

Here’s how lead conversion works with Faraday


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  • ReachReach

    Optimized outreach

    Predictive targeting for your ad hoc outreach efforts. Select candidates, apply models, push anywhere.

    Use case
    Lead generation
    How to use
    On demand
  • InformInform

    Real-time intelligence

    For your marketing automation stack. Get scores and associate new contacts with personas by API.

    Use case
    Lead conversion
    How to use
  • OptimizeOptimize

    Pipeline reporting

    Machine learning pipeline reporting, from data to actionable intelligence.

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